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101 Guide for Car Security

GPS Trackers 

Car Security

With the inventive advancements in the automotive industry in recent decades, vehicle security concerns have become quite an essential must-have today. The majority of the vehicles come with company-installed anti-theft systems. With all the latest devices, putting an end to car theft is still a huge challenge for the auto and tech industry. 

According to the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) report for 2021, the U.S.A. alone witnessed a 6% percent hike in compared to 2019 vehicle thefts which confirm over 932,329 in total. The security devices available for sale in the market with massive demand are wise and come with smart ways to protect the vehicles. You may have also seen modern cars equipped with anti-theft devices and more tech gadgets like alarms, recorders, keyless security, and immobilizers. In some scenarios, these features can be very useful, but not all manufacturers produce cars with impenetrable security mechanisms.

Now that we’ve gotten our basic knowledge about security in vehicles straight, let’s talk about the types of alarm systems. Presently, the new vehicles are coming with two types of alarm systems: 1) One-Way Alarms and 2) Two-Way Alarms.

In One-way alarms, the system will produce sound and light alerts in the event of an attempt to enter the vehicle. It is affordable and user-friendly. 

Second on the line is the Two-way alarms system that includes a relay information mechanism to cell phones and key fobs. This type is more responsive and provides quick and precise alerts to the owners. Two-way systems also include features like keyless entry plus the GPS tracking functions enable feasible access from a cell phone.

Both of the said alarms add an extra security layer in the vehicle system. However, an essential element to consider when buying an alarm is compatibility with your car. Secondly, the operating range of the device is incredible and security alarm systems includes ease of installation features and affordable maintenance.


Auto Financing Consumers Struggle

According to research, many U.S. citizens use the method of auto financing to carry through car needs. However, trouble starts when they see a financial crunch after entering the cycle affecting their budgets. If an event of auto theft happens, the situation becomes more complex. Vehicle security experts recommend security systems to be installed in new cars right after the purchase. So, if anything worse is to happen, at least you can track your vehicle.

Furthermore, predatory practices in the auto financing industry have forced consumers to struggle for competitive and affordable car loans. Finding a good deal is often not based on the consumer’s creditworthiness, but rather its ability to survive a financial shell in the past.

Car Anti-Theft

Numerous anti-theft systems and devices are designed to make vehicles more difficult to steal or easier to trace and recover. Here are how some of the work:

  • Immobilizing-Type Devices: This type prevents thieves from bypassing the vehicle’s ignition system and from hot-wiring the vehicle. Some incorporate computer chips in ignition keys disable the flow of electricity and/or fuel to the engine.
  • Audible and Visible Devices: These devices, such as a horn alarm, deter theft by bringing attention to an unauthorized attempt to steal or enter a vehicle. Visible devices create a visual threat/warning, such as steering-wheel locks and theft-deterrent decals, flashing lights, and window etching.
  • Vehicle Recovery Systems: These are GPS-centric devices that use electronic transmission technology that helps law enforcement reveal the location of stolen vehicles—and possibly catch the thief in the act.

Theft Report and Survey U.S.A

As per the ballpark figure, motor vehicle theft costs billions of dollars lost each year. In 2020, approximately $7.4 billion was lost to thieves due to motor vehicle theft In the U.S.A. Whereas the average loss per stolen vehicle was $9,100. This can be detrimental to the average car owner, as only those with comprehensive car insurance are covered in the case of a stolen vehicle. Although motor vehicle theft has been declining since 1991, as mentioned in the table above, it has remained comparatively steady since 2009. With a fluctuating rate between years, it remains above 630,000 thefts per year.

The link shows the total number of motor vehicle thefts in the nation from 1991 to 2020

Car Theft Prevention Steps

Park in a Garage

According to the experts, the most common places vehicles are stolen from are street/open parking areas and above-ground lots. Ensure to park in a locked garage. Keep that garage door opener in a secure spot, too. If there is no garage, then you should always park in a place where there are CCTV cameras and security guards on the premises.

Turn It off and Take the Keys

Sometimes, you might stop by for a coffee and leave the key inside; it’s enough time for a thief to sneak a car. Same is the case in leaving the engine running. It’s an open invitation for thieves. Turn it off and take the keys with you whenever you get out of the car for anything.

Lock the Doors

Always be double sure to hit the lock and give the door handle a tug. If you have a key fob that automatically locks/unlocks, then listen and watch for the horn-honk, light-flash, and lock-engage combination to know it’s locked tight.

Guard Your Key Fob

Key fobs are a convenient technology to unlock doors, start the engine, and sound an alarm. However, leaving the key fob unattended means letting a thief know the vehicle’s location and this can turn out bad for you and your car. Therefore, take care of your key fobs or keychains.

Get an Alarm

The last thing a thief wants is to alert the whole neighborhood with a shrieking and honking alarm. Thankfully, many vehicles come with an anti-theft system. If your vehicle is missing, you will know. If you don’t have one, get one installed asap.

Securing Valuable

Always Ensure to never leave the valuables unattended inside your car. It encourages the thief to peep inside and gain interest to steal. Therefore, always take your valuable belongings with you.

Purchase a Club

Seeing a vehicle’s steering wheel is an obstacle that joyriders and thieves would rather avoid. Therefore a club is also found to be a smart anti-theft tool.

Park in a Well-Lit Area

Around 60% of all vehicle thefts happened between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Why? Because It’s easier to work under cover of darkness for thieves that aren’t nocturnal. It’s advisable to park in a well-lit area to avoid thieves taking swipes at the car.

Clear-out the gloves compartment

Your car’s insurance and registration are a goldmine for thieves. Why? Those personal details are the sort of info crooks can use to commit identity fraud. If you prefer to keep the documents in the car, stow them in an uncommon spot, not the glove box or center console.

Car Antitheft security


Want to record your journeys? Dash cam is the product you need. It produces incredibly crystal-clear images in 4K. However, its G-Sensor provides 3-axis imagery of the accident that may or may not be in your favor. Also, It immediately locks the footage to ensure that everything is captured.

Steering Wheel Lock

It locks the axis, protects your steering wheel from any harm as it makes it jam in a specific position.

CarLock Alert System

CarLock will protect your car at night and give you carefree sleep.

Car Key Protector

Using a master key, messing with the RF signals and electronics or non-litigious ways are amongst the common ones for vehicle thieves. But this faraday bag provides a signal blocker, so thieves can’t pick up the signals from it.

Spy Mini GPS Tracker

Secure your car by installing a car tracking device. GPS trackers provide real-time tracking with accurate vehicle location.

Tire Clamp

This tire clamp strongly wraps around your wheel and prevents any burglary.

Car Alarm Security

This keyless car alarm system provides the ability to lock and unlock your car and secure your vehicle against theft.

Wireless Anti-Theft Alarm

It will trigger and ring when any vibration or shaking is detected in/around the equipped vehicle. Thus, keep the thieves away from your car.

GPS Tracker

This tracker provides you with the car’s real-time location, trip details, driving pattern, and vehicle overall health status. It’s best for transportation-related businesses.

Hidden Mini Spy Camera

This small spy camera takes pictures and also records videos. Whenever a motion is detected, it starts the video recording and stops until the next detection.


This device helps to keep a vehicle from being driven off. It is synched with the engine and only starts with the correct key inserted in the ignition.

Car GPS Installation and tracker

The GPS installation consists of simple and easy steps. If you want to DIY, know that you require a little know-of the GPS plus experience with electronic installation. However, it should be a problem as the said devices come with a user manual. Just choose the place to install the GPS Tracker, follow the instructions and save your vehicle from thieves.

Type PF tracker

Built on a rock-solid camera tracking and image analysis engine. PF trackers stretch far beyond the capabilities of other conventional match-moving software that empower visual artists to recreate entire scenes.

Tracker with Live audio feature

If you ever wanted to secretly track a car and hear what conversations were happening inside a car, then the tracker with live audio is probably the solution for you. This GPS tracker with audio recording feature can send live audio instantly to your iPhone or Android device. Enabling the live audio monitoring is as simple as calling the phone number associated with your GPS tracker’s SIM card.

Car security cameras installation for security

Countless events happen all the time that you wish you had recorded down. With camera installation inside, you will be able to record within the vehicle and its surroundings. Suppose you intend cameras to be powered by the car’s battery. Make sure you call the professionals to install the vehicle security cameras so that it’s properly installed and compliant with the residing area’s legislation.

Advanced Car locking system Installing

With the advanced technology fitted in the cars, installing advanced lock systems in cars is also necessary. It has been observed that most thefts are committed with the help of tech hackers. Thankfully now, many cars have advanced security features that block unwanted signals and electronics . If the car owners don’t want to install it, then their car will be at a greater risk of being stolen.

Benefits of Installing car Security

It is only natural that you want to do everything to keep your car safe. However, you are not always there to ensure your vehicle’s safety—It is unfortunate. But vandalism, car burglaries, and car thefts happen more often than many realize. In the light of the above, car security is highly important.

When you have added vehicle security mechanisms, your vehicle will remain safe. These car security systems can provide you with more peace of mind, as you will not have to worry so much about what might happen to your car. Moreover, knowing you have the technology to keep your car safer and track it down in the event of a stealing attempt should lessen your worries.