How to remove a GPS tracker from a car?

From installing a GPS tracker to removing it for any reason, a GPS tracking device can offer more than just being a location finder.
And to answer that question, there are various ways to remove the GPS tracker hidden in your car. But before all that, it depends on the type of GPS tracker you’re using in your car. If it’s a Plug-in GPS tracker, then simply remove it from the OBD connector where you connect this type of GPS device.

If it’s a hardwired GPS tracker, then first find the spot where you have installed or hid the GPS vehicle tracker and simply remove the GPS wiring from it.

And if it is the battery-powered GPS that you have in your car, then the best way to disable the GPS tracker is to remove the battery.
But what if you don’t know where you hid the GPS? Well, here are 5 ways that you can help you find and disable your GPS tracker from your car.

5 Best Ways to Remove/Disable GPS Trackers from Car

Use a detection tool to find the GPS tracker

Known as ‘GPS Detector’ or Bug Detector, is quite a handy tool to find GPS trackers, hidden cameras, anti-spy tools, body wires, audio, and video surveillance devices, GSM, microphones, and much more. The signals that GPS devices send to the satellites, can be detected using GPS locator devices. Turn the detector, scan the interior and exterior of your car, and if there’s a GPS, the detector will alert the GPS receiver.

Inspect your car to find the GPS tracker (without tools)

If you don’t have a GPS detector (also goes by GPS disabler), then the best way is to find and remove it yourself. For this, shuffle-search your car inside out and look for anything unusual. Mostly, GPS trackers are small black portal boxes that you can easily hold in your hands. Check the upper and sides of the wheels, under seats, front & rear bumper, cigarette lighter, covers (if any), glovebox or any other compartment, behind visible systems, trunk, and under the car.

Use signal jammers or RF controller

Since the tech market is bombarded with new GPS and improved GPS devices, it has become quite a challenge to find and remove vehicle tracking devices. For this, there are signal jamming tools that simply block the signals of the installed GPS in the car and send RF signals to receive the signal. It may sound difficult and a long shot, but science-centric people try this option as well to disable the GPS device.

Removing the GPS trackers from the car

Once you have found the GPS tracker, the next step is to identify its type. If the GPS tracker is plugged into the OBD port, then simply unplug it and it will be disabled. If your car has a Magnetic tracker GPS, then simply look for metallic surfaces and remove GPS from it. If a GPS device is hardwired inside the car powered by the 12-volt car battery, then don’t try to cut the GPS wires yourself unless you know how to do it. Otherwise, call a professional GPS tracker installer for it. This is because cutting down GPS wires may or may not create electrical issues for your car. Therefore, the vehicle electrician let him remove the GPS tracker from the vehicle professionally.

Find the GPS components

What if there are several wires and you don’t know which one to cut? The best way to remove a GPS tracker is to first find out the GPS and all its components. For this, look for wires that you find extra connected to the ignition (an extra red wire), a wire that goes from inside to the top of the car (GSM or GPS antenna), or ground wires that shouldn’t be there. Now the cables from the battery that is the main source of electricity for your car. This will also disconnect the GPS antenna from the GPS receiver and after this, remove the GPS tracker.

There are more ways to find out GPS trackers and remove them from the car but either they are too nefarious or illegal. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your vehicle’s security after removing the GPS trackers.